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of a landfill. jerry lynn smith lost her husband in iraq. then she found out some of his remains are were among those classified as medical waste and dumped in the landfill on virginia's northern neck. she was there yesterday as a plaque was unveiled. smith has already had some success in getting the military to make changes to try and ensure something like this never happens again. >>> today d.c. council members will get an update on flooding problems in the bloomingdale neighborhood. the neighborhood off rhode island avenue in northwest washington has been flooded out several times just over the last year and plenty of times in years before that. after the problems came to the attention of city leaders, crews sprung into action ahead of last week's big rainstorm and cleared out the storm drains and handed out sandbags. while some other communities did experience some flash flooding in that storm, not a problem in the bloomingdale neighborhood, at least this time. >>> the tysons redevelopment plan is threatening to do away with some popular green space and a trail. a plan to help ease traffic
opponent said that it was tragic to end the war in iraq. he won't tell us how he will end the war in afghanistan. i have and i will. now, it's off and running again today back on the campaign trail. both the president and the vice president head to new hampshire this morning. by the way, that's one of the states where mitt romney is rolling out a slew of brand new ads. we are live in charlotte. i'm tracie potts, back to you. >> thank you. >>> speaking of brand new ads, enthusiastic endorsement at the convention. a new tv ad from the romney campaign using clinton's words against the president. >> he's a good soldier helping his party's president. what did bill clinton say about barack obama in 2008? >> give me a break. this whole thing is a biggest fairytale i've ever seen. >> a clip comes from a hillary clinton campaign rally in new hampshire in 2008. the ad will start airing in eight battleground statsds, including virginia today. this is romney's first ad after a 12-day hiatus. >>> mitt romney's wife ann will be in loudoun county, she will stop by the twin oaks horseback riding
. this was one of the deadliest days in iraq since u.s. soldiers pulled out of that country. >>> today marks 11 years since the 9/11 terror attacks. this morning there's controversy as to how expensive it is to operate the memorial and museum in new york city. officials estimate it will take $60 million a year to operate the world trade center memorial and museum. most of the cost is for airport type security at the site. the building of the museum is incomplete because of a fight over financing. >>> today defense secretary leon panetta will tour the flight 93 national memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. the memorial consists of an open field with a single sandstone boulder that marks the exact spot where flight 93 crashed. the wall is filled with the names of the passengers and crew members who died. vice president joe biden is scheduled to speak at the memorial tomorrow. officials expect more than 200,000 visitors to the memorial this year. >>> prince harry's apache helicopter training in afghanistan starts today. the prince arrived there for his second tour of duty. officials say harry di
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3